Tera 2 Wheels Self-balance Scooter – Review

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Manufacturer: Tera
Brand: Tera
EAN: 0701772150688
Available in Categories: Electric Scooters, Scooters, Sports, Misc.


  • CA dynamic control system can automatically control the output torque, speed, position, forward, backward, and turning function.The CPU chip floating-point operations 1024 times per second, and keep the dynamic balance of unicycle.
  • With four intelligent security protection: unicycle posture induction, the speed limit protection, anti-fall protection, and auto sleep function.In the operation state, the 64bit processer 200 times a second monitors the state of battery pack and speed.
  • Our power adapters are UK plug; Delivery is very fast, UPS, about 10 days can be reached; We do the best products, our battery quality is very good, we do not sell inferior products
  • Material: high quality ABS. Maximum speed: 10km/h. Mileage: 15-25km. Maximum climbing angle: 15 degrees. Maximum upload: 100kg. Charging time: 2 hours.Applicable temperature: -10degree cetigrade—40 degree cetigrade. Voltage of charger: AC110V-220V 50-60Hz. Weight: approx. 13kg. 100% Brand new. NOTE: don’t use it at rainy day. Package Includes: 1 x Mini Smart Scooter. 1 x Charging Cable. 1 x Original Packing

This mini smart self-balancing scooter is safer and helps you get rid of fatigue, unhandsome, oil consumption and heavy transportation. You will enjoy a free and flexible outdoor driving without worrying about the traffic jam because of the scooter.

Warnings: recommended age 14 and up. Players under 14 or over 45 are supposed to find your learning partners
High-capacity lithium battery, remote control, LED atmosphere light and brake light Strong magnetic levitation suspension monitor make the scooter driving much smoother, and more durable
With four intelligent security protection: unicycle posture induction, the speed limit protection, anti-fall protection, and auto sleep function.

Customer Reviews & Opinions

The majority of customers commented on the speedy delivery of the scooter and how it most of them came exactly on the estimated date. The actual product has received nothing but shinning reviews, and “it deserves 6 stars if I could give it that”. Many people felt that “it feels very solid and good build quality”. Very few have experienced technical faults and had hours of fun on the riding around.

Like most electrically powered scooters though, the amount of power and speed you get from it depends on the weight of the rider. Also, the board works at its best on flat surfaces so there might seem like a difference when riding on terrains such as grass or bumpy pavements.

Overall this scooter not only looks sleek and amazing, but also is incredibly fun to ride too. 

Your Questions Answered

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Battery usually keeps from 20 to 25 km. It really depends on the weight is person and the type of the surface you’re driving on. 


Tera 2 Wheels Self-balance Scooter
Pros: Looks amazing, rides amazing, worth the cost!
Cons: Very few technical faults reported, but the doesn't ride as well on bumpy or grassy terrains as it does on flat surfaces.