MonoRover R2 Two Wheel Scooter – Review

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Manufacturer: MonoRover
Brand: MonoRover
Model: R2
EAN: 6955170879632
Available in Categories: Electric Scooters, Scooters, Sports, Misc.


  • Easier: Two wheels, two motors. Much easier to learn.
  • Safer: Double balancing systems keep you in balance.
  • Small and light: Weighs only 10kg, can be taken everywhere.
  • Maximum Speed: About 10km/h.

Get on MonoRover R2 and get going – Wherever you are.

This is a self balancing, single wheel, electric drive high tech vehicle. It is a revolutionary for personal transportation. It is designed to be environment friendly with high energy efficiency. It can drive you home from subway station or drive you to your office from the park.
It is easy to learn, you just need to spend about one hour then you can drive, and make more practice, you will feel it is a great and useful transportation. You can take it into your office, your classroom, as well as bus, subway. And even you can take it into the truck. It can be as a great gift to friends, family, customer and colleagues.


*Safe: MonoRover R2 has two wheels and two sets of self balancing control systems. You can
turn 360 degrees in place.
*Simple: MonoRover R2 is easy to learn, and you’ll be riding it confidently in minutes Lean forward
or backward to control the unit.
*Portable: MonoRover R2 only weighs 22 pounds. You can take it everywhere. r backward to control the unit.


* High Technology Self Balancing
* Electric Drive and Environment Friendly Design
* Convenient and Portable Transportation
* Vary with rider’s weight/road condition/temperature
* Small Portable
* Makes You a VERY COOL Guy


* Tyre Size:170mm
* Maximum Speed: About 10km/h
* Range per Charge: 20km
* Riding Angle: 10°-15°
* Direct Drive Motor: 1000W
* Battery: 36V 4.4ah
* Weight Limit: 100kg
* Charge Time: About 90min
* Size: 468*400*165mm(H*L*T)
* Body Weight: 10KG

Package Include:

1x MonoRover R2 Electric Scooter
1x UK Adapter
1x User instruction

Customer Reviews & Opinions

Most of the customers were very pleased with the authenticity of this scooter, as many had originally seen it in a “Joe Weller video on youtube”. They were also happy about the quality of the scooting saying that they have had hours of fun using it. This scooter is “really worth the money” and “a bargain for the quality of the product”.

There was one or two mentions about the battery life, and how over charging and decrease the amount of time it runs for. Also a couple of customers reported malfunctioning scooters soon after delivery. The malfunctioning range from the a sensor pad not responding to not being able to drive grassy terrain. Another downside to this product is the no refunds or returns policy.

Despite this, over 80% of customers gave this scooter 4-5 stars and would “highly recommend” this funky two wheeled device to family and friends. 

Your Questions Answered

Q: Is it powerful enough to take an adult of average weight uphill? If yes, how steep a hill?

A: It will go up most hills, but with adults it will only do half the miles it normally would. The scooter is mostly good for riding on smooth paths for adults.


Q: When will it be back in stock?

A: We have white available in stock and ready to ship, but will update it when other colours are available.


Q: How Long will will it take to deliver?

A: We send from Manchester so there is an option for same day collection or it will take 2 business days with courier.

MonoRover R2 Two Wheel Scooter
Pros: Worth the cost, looks amazing and can be hours of fun.
Cons: Has been known to malfunction and there is a no refunds or return policy.