BINGS Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter – Review

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Manufacturer: BINGS
Brand: BINGS
EAN: 0701056656486
Available in Categories: Electric Scooters, Scooters, Sports, Misc.


  • 1. Two wheels, two motors. Much easier to learn and much safer.
  • 2. 160Wh Battery, 17-20km Range per Charge
  • 3. Much easier to learn, Just step on then you can ride it.
  • 4. Safer, Double balancing systems keep you in balance. It will not fall to sideways.
  • 5. Small and light: Weighs only 10kg, can be taken everywhere.

wp-content/uploads/images/41JueNVuT0LThe Bings 2 wheel electric scooter is a smart looking board, but does it cut the mustard?

This is a  dual wheeled scooter and is easy to balance on and is one of the cheapest around. Balancing is easy enough for beginners to stay upright and professionals as well.

Just stand with legs slightly apart on the foot rests and the sensor pads under each foot will detect if you lean forward or backwards to which in turn controls the speed.

For turning you just apply a slightly greater pressure to the outside wheel and this will cause the motor to speed up resulting in a gentle curve for easy steering. The scooter also has LED lights either side of it to indicate when you turn.

Alternatively you can pirouette on the spot by driving one wheel forward and the other backwards which brings great maneuverability.

This lets you take it where other forms of transport couldn’t go so you can easily use this to navigate the halls and corridors at work or school and maneuver around pedestrians on a busy plaza or esplanade without danger. It also drives well concrete payments and cut grass.

The dual wheeled scooter is the perfect size to store in your home or to carry around, and its speak design also makes it one of the most stylish personal transport devices.

Model: BINGS 04
Tire Size:170mm
Battery:36V 4.4Ah
Max Speed:10km
Max uphill angle:15°
Max Load:120KG
Normal endurance:20km

Customer Reviews & Opinions

The majority of customers complimented the balance scooter’s value for money and the “seller was great help” throughout the buy. However there was a couple of complaints related to the types of surfaces it drives well on. A few people mentioned that “it was not that excellent running over grass” but also said it “depended on the condition of the grass. The way to overcome this though would be to use it on dry, short grass.

One customer complimented on the speedy delivery, saying she received it a few days before the estimation date.

On the flip side, there were several complaints about the board malfunctioning after a short amount of time, but BINGS we’re quick to respond and send the buys working replacements. Another issue one customer found was that the colour (red) in the picture was not accurate to the actual scooter.

Overall this balance scooter was rated 4/5 stars for being fun and good for value. Customers also rated the service very highly, saying “Bings make customer satisfaction there priority”.

Your Questions Answered

Q: Is there a brake and presumably can decrease/increase speed as required?

A: Yes very good product I have no problems with mine.


Q: How long does it take to come?

A: It will take 12-15 days. The shipping fee is included.


Q: Is this worth it or should I get the Mono Rover R2?

A: Of Course, this board is easier to operate.

BINGS Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter
Pros: Lots of fun and great customer service.
Cons: Doesn't drive through wet or long grass very well and has been known to malfunction.