Privacy Policy respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the personal information that you decide to share with us. The purpose of this policy statement is to explain the type of information collects, how we collect it, what we use it for and how consumers can restrict the use or disclosure of personally identifiable information.

Amazon Associates Program is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means, in particular, that if you follow a link to or any other national version of Amazon website and then make a purchase within 24 hours, I will receive a small percentage of what you pay to Amazon (but your price will stay exactly the same).

We, however, never link to specific products just in order to advertise them. I link only to the products that I genuinely find helpful (We research the products thoroughly, read many reviews and watch any demonstration videos), and the webpages linking to such products express my honest opinion on the products. In other words, I never recommend a product just in order to persuade you to buy it; I recommend it because I myself find it useful.

Collection of Information

I can collect personally identifiable information, like names, postal addresses, email addresses, etc., when voluntarily submitted by my visitors. This information is only used to fulfill your specific request, unless you give me permission to use it in another manner. I never share any information with third parties, unless required by the law.


To support your privacy, this website doesn’t use any cookies. Third party services used by the website, such as the Google+ and social sharing buttons, may use their own cookies to fulfil your specific requests.