The new gadget craze that’s taking the world of transport by storm; the mini 2 wheel smart scooter board is a smaller compressed version of the traditional Segway crossed with a skateboard, and it goes under a number of different names, from Swegway (what cool kids call them), smart scooter, swegy, hover board, mini segways, glide boards, self balancing boards, electric unicycle scooter, or smart electric scooters!

Whereas the riding-smart-scootertraditional Segway can be used for working purposes (most recently seen in use by the camera crews at sporting events), the mini board is a fun and exciting way to get around. Even stars such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and super model Kendall Jenner have been seen cruising around on this quirky toy.

Like most luxury celebrity-endorsed products, the sales of 2 wheel smart scooters have rocketed and it is now predicted to be the most popular gift under the Christmas tree this year. The growing popular demand of the board has seen smart scooter prices slashed to become more accessible for the non-celebrities like you and me.

The smart mini Swegway style scooters are universal and can be used by all ages (although under 13’s may be a little young), but they do require a reasonably good sense of balance to steer and control the speed. The board gets your whole body moving and flexing and could contribute to your daily exercise. And the new sleek design and diminished wheel size makes it easier to store or carry around.

smart-segway-scootersDespite the difference in design, the gyroscopic technology works the same as the traditional Segways, with the use of sensors that detect the micro-movements in the feet and ankles. The device can be used easily on flat terrain such as concrete, carpet and grass and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use (although it is recommend to start in a large, clear area for beginners). It is also advice not to drive through puddles or to use in wet weather.

This electronically powered board is quickly becoming the most fashionable way to travel around and a Japanese manufactory has recently revealed plans for a Segway type smart board with a new look, known as the ‘Walkcar’. It seems that everyone is jumping into this new craze with two feet, so don’t miss out on your chance to cruise around on two feet.

How Does a Smart Scooter Work?

The Smart scooter transportation boards feature cutting edge Gyroscopic technology just the same as that featured in the Segway. It has a sleek, streamlined design, along with two separate motors making it very easy to ride. All smart scooters have self balancing technology thanks to their gyroscope sensors which balance the user. Some models also come with extra features such as a remote control and bluetooth.  See our electric self balancing scooter reviews here.

Where can you use a Smart Scooter?

Obviously just like a skateboard, a smart scooter board works best on nice smooth surfaces. the pavement, concrete surfaces, short pile carpets, asphalt roads, even dry mud etc. But try not to ride it in grass or wet mud otherwise you are asking for problems.

The Best Smart Scooter Buying Guide

So apart from the smart scooter price, what do you need to look out for when investing in these amazing boards, and how do you avoid the dissapointment of low battery life, and snails pace travel? It’s quite easy, you follow our buying guides and read our reviews to find the best choices. A smart scooter is a great fun investment but you need to watch out for certain things such as low mileage times between charges, low speed, and poor quality design (these boards go through a lot on the roads.

 The Essential Features

Here are some of the essential features we look for in popular smart scooters:

Easy To Ride

Once you buy a vehicle camera you will need to be able to install it into your vehicle nice and easy. Usually the dash cam is put on the windscreen or behind the rear view mirror, so it is important to get a long power cord as it needs to reach to your cigarette lighter for power. You also want a cam that comes with clear instructions as you usually need to scroll around menu’s.


It’s a tough world out there. You need a scooter that can withstand lifes knocks. Going off-road, up kerbs and generally falling off the thing will all cause some kind of impact to the board, so we make sure that these things can take it.

Long Battery Life

When you are cruising around the streets or your house (if you have a large house) then you want to travel a good old distance before thinking about the battery running down. We choose the scooters that run and run.

Quick Charge Time

Once you do run out of juice you will have just one thing on your mind. How long till i can go out on it again, and how long to charge. All the scooters we review have quick charge times and robust batteries.

Our Top 3 Smart Scooter Picks

Product NameTera 2 Wheels Self-balance ScooterRioRand Self Balancing ScooterMonoRover R2 Two Wheel Scooter

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Smart Key
LED Lights
Max Speed10kmh10kmh10kmh
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See our full comparison chart here.

Tera 2 Wheels Self-balance Scooter

Tera 2 Wheels Self-balance Scooter
Average User Rating: Stars

This mini smart self-balancing scooter is our number one choice thanks to it’s great design, long useage per charge, speed, and the fun factor. Overall this scooter looks really great with a spaceage feel, and is also is incredibly fun to ride (read our full review).


Click Here To Check Out The Tera 2 Wheels Self-balance Scooter Now >>

2nd Position – RioRand Self Balancing Scooter

RioRand Self Balancing Scooter
Average User Rating: Stars

Get on and get going with this self balancing, electric smart scooter that is fun, easy to ride, has a long travel time between charges and drives fast. It comes in many different colours to suit your style. (read our full review).



Number 3 – MonoRover R2 Two Wheel Scooter

MonoRover R2 Two Wheel Scooter
Average User Rating:Stars

Get on MonoRover R2 and get going – Wherever you are.

This board is an amazing looking board and has been used by celebrities. It is highly recommend for hours of fun. It is small and light so can be carried around easily too (read our full review).

Click Here To Check Out The MonoRover R2 Two Wheel Scooter Now >>

Although there are some well known smart scooter brands used by celebs such as the Beiber, like the Phunkeeduck and IO Hawk, These boards are made by the same manufacturers as the less well known generic brands that are available, but about 4-5 times the price. So be smart and stick with our reccomendations.